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Manfrotto Digital Director dla iPada Air do sterowania DSLR →

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Manfrotto has used the National Association of Broadcasters (NAB) show as launching pad for the Digital Director, a bracket designed to turn an iPad Air into an external monitor for Canon and Nikon DSLRs. By connecting the Digital Director to a camera via USB and opening the app of the same name, a Live View feed is provided and exposure settings along with focus point can be controlled by the iPad. The rig offers a Lightning Connector for the iPad and a CPU aids communication between the tablet and the camera.

In addition to shooting controls, the Digital Director also makes it possible to download images post-capture to the connected iPad and check high-resolution images. Some basic editing functions are available such as cropping and adjusting brightness, and photos can be shared from the app to FTP or social networks. The Digital Director will be available in June for $499.99.

To ma ogromny potencjał jeśli będzie odpowiednio dopracowane.

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