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Tim Cook o wczorajszych wynikach finansowych →

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Jason Snell spisał wczorajszą wypowiedź Tima Cook – poniżej przedstawiam najciekawsze fragmenty…

O Apple Pay:

We do not charge the customer for the benefit, we do not charge the merchant for the benefit. However, there are commercial terms between Apple and the issuing banks. But we’re not disclosing what they are. Like any other contractual arrangement, those are a private sort of thing.

O iPhone’ach 6/6+:

At this point we’re selling everything that we make. And so it’s difficult to say that we’ve estimated well on the SKU mix, or the split between the iPhone 6 vs. 6 Plus. From everything we can tell, we’ve done a pretty good job on that. But I’ve stopped short of saying there’s no issue at all. Because it’s hard to tell when you’re at a point where you’re selling everything you’re making. It’s a good problem to have.

O Mac:

On the Mac, it was just an absolutely blow-away quarter. Our best ever. It will result in our higher market share since 1995. It’s just absolutely stunning. The back to school season voted, and the Mac won and carried the day, and we’re really proud of that. I’m proud of the Mac team, it’s clear that all the work that we’ve put into our notebooks on the hardware and the software side is resonating with our customers. And I think if you went out to college campuses about now, you would see a lot of new Mac notebooks there, based on the sales. And so that feels fantastic. Being up 21 percent in a market that’s shrinking, it just doesn’t get better than that.

O iPadach:

If I take a step back on iPad, and I know there’s a lot of negative commentary on the markets on this. But I have a little different perspective on it. Here’s sort of my simple perspective: Instead of looking at each 90 days, if you back up and look at it, we’ve sold 237 million in just over 4 years. That’s about twice the number of iPhones that we sold over the first four years of iPhone.

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