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Dyrektor FBI, James Comey, chce swobodnego dostępu do smartfonów →

· Wojtek Pietrusiewicz · 2 komentarze

Julian Hattem:

Comey is asking that Congress update the Communications Assistance for Law Enforcement Act (CALEA), a 1994 law that required telephone companies to make it possible for federal officials to wiretap their users’ phone calls.

Many new mobile applications and other modern devices aren’t included under the law, however, making it difficult if not impossible for police to get a suspect’s records — even with a warrant.

Forcing companies to put in a “backdoor” to give officials access would also open them up to hackers in China and Russia, opponents claim, as well as violate Americans’ constitutional rights to privacy.

Comey claimed the FBI was not looking for a “backdoor” into people’s devices.

“We want to use the front door with clarity and transparency,” he said.

Tak, oczywiście. Clarity transparency. Mhm.

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