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Debaty w Apple, słowa „ludu” jako argumenty za i przeciw →

· Wojtek Pietrusiewicz · 0 comments

Marco Arment kontynuuje temat z poprzedniego wpisu:

I’ve heard a number of times in the last few years that something I wrote was circulated within Apple or brought up in an internal discussion, usually to support one side of a debate. And it’s very unlikely that is the only site that Apple employees read. (Less pointedly, filing bugs or enhancement requests is also used as a sort of voting system that also informs internal debates.)

Obviously, it’s mostly only productive to argue positions that Apple may feasibly take, and only in arguments that they’re actually having. And time is critical: it’s a lot easier to change parts of iOS 7 now than in October. But our opinions definitely matter.

We can effect change if we’re pushing for what’s best for Apple and its customers. Apple doesn’t get everything right every time on its own.

To akurat logiczne, ale cieszę się, że jest jakiekolwiek potwierdzenie w tym temacie.

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