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Galaxy Gear – niezbyt inteligentny smartwatch →

2 października 2013 · 08:35

Vlad Savov:

Its design tries to have something for everyone — a chunky steel clasp and exposed screws for fans of oversized men’s watches, yet also Rose Gold and Oatmeal Beige colors for a feminine audience — and ends up pleasing no one in particular. It’s too bulky to ever be considered elegant, but too polished to be a proper macho watch. The glass covering the front melts seamlessly into the metal frame around it, which in turn gives way to a plastic back and an adjustable strap whose flexibility is limited somewhat by the integrated camera.

Mieszanka stylów i materiałów jest straszna. Wystarczy spojrzeć na klasyczne zegarki, a jedyne co zaakceptuję to metal, skórę, szkło (musi być) i ewentualnie gumowy pasek w przypadku bardziej sportowych zegarków. Plastik? Nie dziękuję. Pasek, którego nie da się wymienić? Nope.

The interface is based on a series of outline icons and textual sub-menus, which are relatively quick to navigate once you know what you’re doing, but terribly unintuitive — the same downward swipe that gets you into the camera from home acts as a back button everywhere else. Figuring these things out is a frustrating process of trial and error.

Jak Apple wypuści swój, to Samsung naprawi to.

The Pocket and Tweet QuickView apps I installed on the Gear failed to load most of the time, and when they did, they offered frightfully limited functionality.

Komentarz zbędny.

Like the Pebble, the Galaxy Gear lights up automatically in response to a physical gesture, though Samsung tries to be more natural by reacting to you raising the arm the watch is on. That works fine if you’re standing or sitting upright, but is utterly useless when trying to check the time in bed. There’s also a slight delay before the screen turns on, which grows tiresome after a while.

To są tak podstawowe i oczywiste rzeczy, że powinny działać wzorowo, tym bardziej, że Gear ma wystarczająco mocny SoC.

A smartwatch the Galaxy Gear is not. Frankly, I’m not sure exactly what it’s supposed to be.

Tak jak mówiłem miesiąc temu, głupi ten inteligenty zegarek.

Głupie inteligentne zegarki — nie tędy droga

5 września 2013 · 11:28

Sony pokazało swój SmartWatch 2. Samsung pokazał Galaxy Gear. Inteligentne zegarki. Smartwatches. Problem w tym, że nie są ani inteligentne, ani praktyczne. Wszystkie obecne produkty od producentów w tej kategorii to kiepskiej jakości podróbki starego dobrego zegarka, bo to właśnie … Czytaj dalej

„About a day” — Samsung Galaxy Gear →

4 września 2013 · 22:14

Vlad Savov:

Also important will be the Galaxy Gear’s battery life. It does use the Bluetooth 4.0 Low Energy standard to communicate, but at 315mAh its battery is decidedly small. Samsung promises „about a day” of endurance from the Gear, but by the end of our briefing with the company, the cameras on most of its demo units were refusing to turn on due to the watches running low on power.