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Jak iPhone odmienił życie Federico Viticciego →

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Federico Viticci:

For that chemo in August 2012, I had to be hospitalized for 22 days. The treatment itself would last 7 days (of consecutive drug injection), and then the healing process would begin with…“some” consequences. I was given a lot of steroids – more than usual – and I was prepared to face whatever could happen.

The effects of that high-dose chemo were so physically unbearable, I don’t want to describe them in too much detail here. I couldn’t eat or move for 10 days, and I gave up on trying to get work done for MacStories because I felt like I didn’t exist. I gave my passwords to my girlfriend and instructed her on what to do with the site in case things didn’t get better.

Na szczęście udało się…

Two years after my last treatments, sometimes I still turn to my girlfriend and I tell her that it’s amazing we’re able to be together and walk and laugh and go shopping and drive and not be stuck in a hospital room that smells like aseptic plastic bags and wet floors. And I also feel like I’m not communicating this well or concisely enough – the instinct of walking and going places is so intrinsic in mankind, the joy of getting it back sounds grandiose to most people. I get it. But it still feels incredible and I want to write it.

Trzymam za niego kciuki, aby nigdy więcej nie spotkał go rak – jednego z największych przekleństw ludzkości. Bardzo też współczuję jego rodzinie, że musiała przez to z nim przechodzić…


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