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atebits 2.0 →

16 października 2012 · 13:32

Loren Brichter:

In 2007 I left Apple and started my own company. In 2010 that company was acquired by Twitter. Today I’m giving it another shot. Say hello to atebits 2.0.

Nowa gra autorstwa Lorena, twórcy Tweetie, już powinna wkrótce pojawić się w App Store – od paru dni jest w kolejce.

Wywiad z Loren Brichter – twórcą Tweetie →

1 kwietnia 2012 · 11:06

Ellis Hamburger przepytuje Lorena Brichtera:

Why did you leave Twitter, if you don’t mind us asking, and where do you think Twitter as an application (and/or as a service) is headed in the future?

I love Twitter. It’s weird because when I joined they were growing like crazy. I was there for a year and a half, and when I left most employees were newer than me; I was an old-timer. Anyway lots of stuff is growing and changing and big-picture I think it’s good to keep shaking things up. But I left for personal reasons — just needed to reset.