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Gorilla Glass 3 – 40% lepsze →

4 stycznia 2013 · 09:20

Corning Gorilla Glass 3

Dante D’Orazio:

Corning has announced that it will showing off Gorilla Glass 3 at CES next week, and it’s offered a hint of what we should expect. According to Engadget, the glass is now three times more scratch resistant than the previous generation, and 40 percent fewer scratches will be visible to the human eye.

W Twoim nowym smartfonie w 2014 roku. Będziesz mógł go teraz upuszczać z 40% większej wysokości, na 40% twardszy beton z 40% większą pewnością siebie. Ale nam ego wzrosną …

Wszystko o Corning Gorilla Glass →

25 września 2012 · 12:41

Bryan Gardiner:

Regardless of composition, the main ingredient in almost all glass is silicon dioxide (aka sand). Because it has such a high melting point (1,720 degrees C), other chemicals, like sodium oxide, are used to lower the melting temperature of the mixture, making it easier to work with and cheaper to produce. Many of these chemicals also happen to imbue glass with specific properties, such as resistance to x-rays, tolerance for high temperatures, or the ability to refract light and disperse colors. Problems arise, though, when the composition is changed; the slightest tweak can result in a drastically different material. Throwing in a dense element like barium or lanthanum, for example, will decrease the melting temperature, but you risk not getting a homogeneous mixture. And maxing out the overall strength of a glass means you’re also making that glass more likely to fracture violently when it does fail. Glass is a material ruled by trade-offs. This is why compositions, particularly those that are fine-tuned for a specific manufacturing process, are fiercely guarded secrets.

Cały artykuł jest fascynujący jeśli chcecie poznać specificzne właściwości szkła, jak ono się zachowuje (i dlaczego tak) w pewnych warunkach oraz wiele więcej.

Gorilla Glass 2

10 stycznia 2012 · 14:17

Arnold Kim:

The new version of Gorilla Glass can be up to 20% thinner than the original and still retain the same strength. Alternatively, manufacturers could continue to use the same thickness, and benefit from greater strength. Manufacturers have already received samples of the new Gorilla Glass so it should start appearing in consumer products in 2012.

Apple jest ich największym klientem, więc spodziewajcie się następnej generacji w następnej generacji.

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