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Typo Keyboard do kosza →

· Wojtek Pietrusiewicz · 2 komentarze

David Pierce:

Getting the Typo set up and connected is impossibly easy. The two halves of the thin, matte black plastic case slide easily onto your iPhone 5 or 5S and connect firmly and simply in the middle. Press and hold the Bluetooth button until a blinking blue light appears, then open Bluetooth settings on your phone and select Typo Keyboard. It pairs almost instantly — I was ready to go in six seconds.

That’s where the list of good things about the Typo ends. The rest of my experience has been a poisonous mix of mistakes and missed opportunities, leaving me waiting with bated breath for the moment I could tear the case off my iPhone and go back to the way things should be. Using the Typo for a week killed my battery, because the slightest brush of a key is enough to make the iPhone’s screen blink on. The case also blocks my phone’s Home button, and I guess I like TouchID more than I thought.

Nie rozumiem jak można wyprodukować coś co ma tyle wad i nie zauważyć tego w fazie testowania.

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