Jeśli chcecie mnie wesprzeć to zapraszam do kupna mojego poradnika "Jakim jesteś Makiem?".

Tak, jest plastikowy, ale nie ma w nim nic taniego →

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John Gruber o iPhonie 5c i 5s:

Yes, it’s plastic, but there’s nothing cheap about it. It has a far better fit and finish, and feels way better in your hand, than Apple’s previous foray into plastic iPhones, the 3G and 3GS. The 5C feels like a premium product.

Lastly, there’s the Touch ID sensor. It’s fairly quick to train, and once trained, it is really fast, and in my brief hands-on testing, very accurate. The optimal way to use it to unlock your phone seems to be to tap the home button once to wake the phone, and then just keep your thumb or finger on the button for just another moment. Boom, unlocked. It’s very impressive technology. I already feel silly tapping in my passcode to unlock my iPhone.

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