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Intel będzie produkował chipy ARM dla Apple? →

· Wojtek Pietrusiewicz · 1 Comment

Vlad Savov:

The seemingly unthinkable scenario of Intel manufacturing ARM chips may be closer than we think, following a report by Reuters of negotiations between Intel and Apple. A source close to one of the companies has revealed that executives have met over the previous year to discuss a contract manufacturing arrangement — whereby Intel’s foundries would be used to produce chips to Apple’s specification — but that no agreement had yet been reached.

Jeśli to się stanie faktem i wyjdzie ze sfery plotek to będzie absolutnie spektakularną porażką obecnych architektur przeznaczonych dla urządzeń mobilnych Intela.

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  • za

    „Intel Will Not Be A Foundry For Apple…
    There seems to be a whole lot of „excitement” about whether an Intel/Apple (AAPL) foundry deal is going to happen. I don’t really know how to express this without sounding frustrated, but I’ll do my best…
    Intel Will Not Build Apple’s A6 Chips!
    People seem to forget that Intel, first and foremost, is a CPU company. While Samsung is a consumer electronics company with a semiconductor hobby, and while Taiwan Semiconductor (TSM) is a pure play fab, Intel’s main strength is that it lives, breathes, designs and manufacturers processors. If Intel were to build Apple’s chips for them, rather than sell its own chips into the iPhone/iPad, then the CPU company that spends ~$10B/yr in R&D would look silly by building chips for a company that just got its first CPU design out in 2012.
    Intel’s goal is to leverage every single ounce of its decades of processor design experience, coupled with the world’s most advanced transistors, to build chips that are better than anything that Apple can do. If Intel’s 22nm Atoms don’t significantly outperform Apple’s designs on a performance/watt basis, I would be very, very shocked. Even today, Intel’s 5-year-old, 32nm Atom core is often faster than two of Apple’s home grown cores in the same power envelope.”

    to jest oczywiście zdanie jednego analityka vs. drugiego (cytowanego przez Ciebie), ale ten akurat trochę lepiej rozumie Intel’a