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Apple przyznano patent na prostokąt z zaokrąglonymi rogami →

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Matt Macari:

Will Apple ever use this patent against its competitors? Maybe, but there’s an inherent downside to asserting a patent like this: it’s vulnerable to invalidity arguments. The narrower a patent is the harder it is to find prior art devices or publications that have everything you need to knock it out. Conversely, the broader the patent the easier it is to come up with something that a judge or jury (or even the patent office) can use to invalidate it. Even though Apple submitted hundreds of prior art documents while this patent was being reviewed by the USPTO, it sure feels like a weapon too fragile for battle. It could very well just be a let’s-see-what-we-can-get patent with no real offensive future. We’ll see.

Tak jak napisał Matt … zobaczymy jak to będzie.

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