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Microsoft Surface – recenzja Topolskiego →

· Wojtek Pietrusiewicz · 7 komentarzy

Joshua Topolsky:

It’s also not very useful on your lap — unless you like to struggle. You could use the kickstand to put the Surface upright in portrait, though it’s not terribly stable, and I wouldn’t trust it to not fall over with the wrong kind of touch.

No właśnie – dla osób, które chcą komputer używać na kolanach w zasadzie pozostaje MacBook Air lub inny notebook.

It’s not really that comfortable to hold in landscape for extended periods, and in portrait it’s laughably tall. Trying to hold the device upright to read a book in the Kindle app felt about as ridiculous as taking a picture with a tablet. Maybe more ridiculous, actually.

The Surface seems to desperately want to be docked and on a desk or table rather than in your hands or on your lap. After using it for an extended period of time, it’s hard to imagine bedtime reading or casual throw-it-in-a-bag use for this device. It’s nice that Microsoft wanted to retain the 16:9 aspect ratio, but I would have happily traded some of that wide real estate for a more portable, comfortable device. In comparison to a new iPad or Nexus 7, the device seemed bulky, awkward, and just plain heavy. That’s especially telling considering that the thickness and weight of the Surface and the iPad are nearly identical — those extra inches matter.

Overall, Microsoft has designed a beautiful tablet that’s unfortunately more functional as a laptop… on a desk. The styling and components are incredibly well made and high quality, but the form factor isn’t svelte or small enough to really come across as a true hybrid.

Nie zapowiada się to dobrze. Microsoft zdaje się stworzył produkt hybrydowy i pełen kompromisów, który nie spełnia się ani w roli laptopa, ani jako tablet. Był moment, że byłem poważnie zainteresowany kupnem Surface RT jako maszyna do pisania, ale moja wątpliwości rosną z każdym dniem, a wszelkie recenzje pojawiające się w necie ostudziły zapał.

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