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Awakenings – właśnie takich aplikacji brakuje na Androidzie →

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Developerzy z doubleTwist opowiadają dlaczego zdecydowali się zrobić akurat budzik:

It simply hasn’t been done right. It’s kind of terrible: you can compare it to waking up every morning to find you’ve been sleeping on a small pebble. To start your day off frustrated and displeased doesn’t just throw your mood into a funk, it can actually be quite unhealthy. Now there’s a problem that’s simply begging for a solution.

A oto dlaczego wielu tak bardzo frustruje pisanie dla Androida:

The answer is quite simple: an exhaustive process of testing. Android devices come with TFT-LCD panels of varying quality and with various technologies: (S/)PVA, (S/H-)IPS, AFFS, each with their own unique dynamics and often manufacturer-calibrated specifically (yes, there’s different gamma curves), as well as AMOLED displays with similar varying characteristics. We tested them. Using remote viewing applications and a variety of lighting conditions, we verified gamma curves, color reproduction and our applications’ UI legibility and quality individually, time and time again.

Co jeszcze ciekawsze, wyciągnęli wnioski z powyższych testów:

No phone maker, with the notable exception of Motorola, cares about accurate reproduction of color. Green is blue. Blue is green. Up is down.

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