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Omijanie Nokii i Windows Phone 7

· Wojtek Pietrusiewicz · 0 comments

Matthew Baxter-Reynolds:

The phone I owned before this was an iPhone 3GS, which was coming up to its two-year anniversary when I bought the Lumia. With the iPhone, it was common (almost routine) to pick it up and play with it every time I noticed it. For instance, I might be passing from one room to the other, pick it up, unlock it, have a look at Twitter, put it down and resume. What I’ve discovered in the past week is that I’ll look at the Lumia, consciously avoid it and continue with my routine. Likewise, one day I noticed that I wanted to check Twitter, my daughter was using my iPad and I thought „I’ll just wait” rather than finding and using the Lumia.

Something with that picture is very wrong.

Dawno już nie miałem okazji pobawić się WP7 i chętnie położyłbym ręce na najnowszej jego iteracji. Samsung Omnia 7 zrobił wtedy na mnie bardzo dobre wrażenie.

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